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What unites a supermarket, shopping center, movie theater, the airport, school, hospital, office center, entertainment center and other objects with a big flow of people? All of them are the ideal place for installation of vending machines. It is an excellent opportunity for young entrepreneurs to begin with small, having kept at the same time a full employment on principle place of employment by investment of means into one or several automatic machines.

Today residents of Russia are not surprised to vending machines any more, and from it demand for such servicing has begun to grow significantly.



The device with a large selection of dishes

Large selection of pancakes with savory and sweet fillings, productivity Mykh our apparatus, using only natural and fresh products

Good food, quickly!

pancake cooking time of only 2.5 minutes

Intuitive operation

LCD touchscreen with a crane large menu selection buttons

Easy Maintenance

Thanks to their modular design, all components of the device are easy to maintain. Servismeny spend no more than 1 hour to refuel and & nbsp; cleaning machine


With a capacity of 480 pancake-servings per day, automated point & nbsp; Blindozer power – the optimum solution for & nbsp; a large number of consumers


Direct programming via the keyboard. Remote access is possible via the service «Personal account»

Payment systems

Installation of common banknote readers, coin acceptors, cashless payment systems and other

Guarantee for a year

Hour Technical Support

Full analyst at the unit via the service "My Account»
  Good food and good mood is always with you ! 

Classic Russian pancakes as from your grandmother, with a large selection of toppings to your liking

Automated point catering Blindozer lets you choose from a variety of toppings for pancakes. We use only natural ingredients of high quality, non-GMO and food additives

Automated point catering

Blindozer device – it's a great opportunity for your guests outside your landline service area to enjoy your favorite dishes.

Blindozer has been designed for installation in public places with the "high traffic". After extensive analysis and market research we have developed a unique device that has no analogues in Russia and abroad.


installation locations

installation locations

Blindozer  – this is a unique innovative project Russian developers who were able to support the Russian classical tradition in modern conditions.

Blindozer project is conceived as a universal solution for fast food service a large number of people in large metropolitan areas. Automating the process makes it possible to feed the people outside the usual service areas: cafes, restaurants and cafeterias – without loss of quality, with ga¬rantiey adequate sanitation and the highest quality products.


Installation in the field "all terrain":

  • business
  • centers
  • Trade complexes
  • sport establishments
  • College
  • Parks

Set in major transport hubs:

  • Airports
  • Railway stations
  • hubs
  • Bike parking
  • Foyer Underground
  • The bus stops


Central office Blindozer

It is headquartered Blindozer TM, which provides centralized sales Blindozer vehicles and their service. It coordinates the activities of all participants in the process.

IT platform Blindozer

system of "Personal Account", which reflects the full information about the status of the unit, including sales figures, the remains of the ingredients, routine replacement of parts, MOT, etc.


Outsourcing partner, professional catering market participant carrying out the production of ingredients for the machine: the dough, filling, loading them into appropriate containers, programming of contactless electronic card expiry date, cleaning exchange-returnable packaging.


Outsourcing partner, a professional participant in the service vending machines and vending equipment


Owner Blindozer apparatus, the enforcing of pancakes to end customers
Functions of participants

Functions of participants

Central office Blindozer

  • Blindozer devices Sales
  • Sales of spare parts and components for consumables Blindozer device
  • Installation and assembly machines
  • Provide units of life: the service and the kitchen
  • Coordination of actors Accreditation partners: service and kitchen
  • Consulting, marketing research, PR-organization of events, nadrav- PARTICULAR the formation of a national brand

IT platform Blindozer

  • Sales statistics, statistics on balances ingredients
  • check the status of all nodes
  • machine
  • Monitoring of compliance with the terms of routine maintenance ra¬tehnicheskomu devices: cleaning, MOT, repairs
  • Prompt notification of emergency situations
  • Co-ordination of interaction "Kitchen -Service-operator»
  • Learning on-line courses for partners: kitchen and service, electronic document management


  • Test Manufacturing
  • fillings Production packaging
  • Programming contactless electronic card expiration date
  • Cleaning tanks


  • Regular maintenance vehicles, delivery logistics kitchen- dough and fillings and setting them in the machine every 72 hours
  • Routine Maintenance-cleaning machines
  • Routine Maintenance unit-routine replacement of consumable parts
  • Emergency service-repair machines


  • Selecting a location apparatus Blindozer
  • Sales pancakes final customers
  • Regular self-service mesh devices: food logistics, clean-ka (with at least 10 vehicles in service)
  • PR companies, aimed at the development and promotion of national brand
Requirements for participants - operator

Requirements for participants - operator

Central office Blindozer

  • Rapid response to requests from members
  • A stable uninterrupted operation san center
  • Provide technical support on the basis of 2417

IT platform Blindozer

  • Secure storage of personal data
  • The reflection of information in real time


  • the program Education "and 1T My Account»
  • Organize access to the machine
  • Availability of transport equipped with refrigeration equipment (serving its own grid of at least 15 units)
  • The presence of personnel at the rate of 1 servismeny-15 units (serving at least 10 units)
Legal documents

Legal documents

  • The sales contract BlinDozer equipment
  • The Treaty of Accession to the state, published on the portal blindozer.ru / blindozer.com
  • The agreement of commercial concession to use Blindozer TM
  • Contract service: food, service, IT
  • Contract for training:
    • The course of "My Account»
    • The course "Maintenance unit, basic service, cleaning, MOT, replacement ingredients».
Interaction with the Personal Cabinet

Interaction with the Personal Cabinet

  • Personal account
  • From the «IT-My Account" -full Analyst machine
  • From the Operator -Each unit transmits information about your condition and work in real time automatically
  • mode


Unique vending machine "Blindozer"

You get a machine that has no analogues not only in Russia but also in the world.

Fixed income

Imagine how easy it is to make a profit when you possess the capability 24 hours 7 days of remote monitoring and management of a week. The larger your network, the greater your profit.


As our customer, you have access to the "My Account". There you will be able to remotely control their network devices, quickly see the number of remaining dough and fillings, to receive messages about the need to hold a cash collection or maintenance work, as well as much more.

Guarantee maintenance within a year

During the first year after the sale of all maintenance work carried out manufacturer personnel. Your master can learn from the experience of our specialists and, if necessary, we will arrange for you at our production site training.

Support 24 hours

Our specialists are always happy to advise you or provide technical support.

Аdvertising opportunities

In the basic configuration "Blindozera" has a touch screen. The buyer uses it when choosing toppings, and other times you can display on the monitor any images or videos. In addition, you can order the installation of additional widescreen monitor. It is mounted on top of the unit and expands your advertising opportunities.

Often under the advertising on the device means video or playlist, occasionally updated service master. "Blindozer" allows you to change the advertising remotely, at any convenient time. For example, if you see what kind of filling is not in demand, and is predicted to not have time to finish before the expiration date, you can reduce its price and launch promo on the screen, without leaving your office.

Fresh ingredients at the appointed time and place

Ingredients added to pancakes, natural products without harmful additives and impurities.

Delicious pancakes